Summer Routines & Elsa Beskow

Summer is here! My daughter's last day of Kindergarten will be tomorrow. I am looking forward to some unscheduled time with her. That being said, I learned a couple years ago that summers with children are anything but relaxing when you're a mom. There are swimming lessons, play dates, days at the park, camping trips, and other vacations. In the past, when I didn't take the time to come up with some kind of routine, it seemed I was flying here and there all summer without any rest. This summer I have come up with a bare bones routine to keep us stable.

Mondays- free
Tuesdays- free
Wednesdays- dance (and I will watch a little friend of my daughter's that day)
Thursday- library day
Friday- a day at the river
Saturday- free
Sunday-Mass and visiting Grandparents

*I also hope to start family meetings and fun twice a month....more on that later.

I am most excited about Fridays. It's always been a dream of mine to spend summer days at the riverside. The illustration above, by Elsa Beskow, captures the vision I have (thanks to my lovely sister-in-law who sent Beskow's book to my daughter for her birthday). We have a perfect place to play and swim about twenty minutes from where I live. I know myself well enough that if I don't schedule this dream into my week, I will probably not do it as often as I'd like. That is why it is on my schedule for Friday. I will pack a lunch and maybe even a dinner and head to the river. A few of my friends and their children plan on meeting us there as well, but even if no one shows, we will be there!

CLICK HERE to check out Elsa Beskow's books on Amazon.com or just do an image search on google to see some of her other illustrations. They are fantastic.

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