An Unwelcome Companion

Not too long ago, I took one of those Facebook quizzes to find out which of the Seven Deadly (Capital)Sins I was most likely to fall into. Not to my surprise, the answer was sloth. Yuck. I mean at least if I struggled with greed I may end up rich. Or if pride was my tendency, I may be successful at something. Oh no, I get sloth. The word falls out of my mouth like a hair ball.

Sloth is never very far from me. He sits beside me in the morning while I drink my coffee and urges me just to sit a while longer. He gives me a hug when I decide to eat a few more chips instead of taking that walk I had planned on. Sloth hangs on my back, slows me down and distracts me. Then he has the audacity to reveal his presence to others in a cluttered house, those extra pounds around my middle, and numerous incomplete projects (all very unflattering and embarrassing, of course).

My life's work has been, and always will be (as frustrated as I am by this), to try to keep Sloth as far from me as I can. It is no easy task because he is very persistent. However, I have the power and the strength to overcome my tendency to fall into sloth. With God's help, and constant vigilance, I can do it.

CLICK HERE for an interesting little website on The Seven Deadly Sins. In my opinion, it's good to know what most tempts me from living up to my full potential as God created me to. That way I am more prepared to fight it. As they say, know your enemy.

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  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2009

    I have a feeling if I took this quiz sloth would be mine too. I am so embarrassed by that. I totally identify with you:

    "Sloth hangs on my back, slows me down and distracts me."

    I was listening to Mother Angelica on the radio this morning and she said, "Growing in holiness and virtue is a slow process."

    I think staying away from sloth will be much of my life's work as well. So, please know, you're not alone.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!