As I Scrub, Toil and Spin My Wheels

I have a friend who is contemplating going back to work. She, like me, does not find being a stay-at-home-mom exactly the most fulfilling or desirable "job" to have. We are both very social, have need of constant praise, and like to see a project complete...all of which are lacking while cleaning dishes or changing diapers. It seems in this job, all we do is scrub and toil and spin our wheels.

However, when I think about going back to work, I cringe at the thought. I realize how valuable every moment with my children are. It's not that I don't think I could be just as good a mother or that my children would not get enough love from me (and their dad). It would just be at a much more rushed and hectic pace. For instance, when my husband is home from work, the house is noisy, my children are clamouring for his attention and mine. We laugh a lot, raise our voices a lot and have a lot of fun. We are also often on the go because it is our opportunity to do things while work is out of the way.

When my husband goes back to work, that is when we all breathe deeply. I usually clean up the house and the girls even go to bed at a decent hour. We have a calm and peaceful existence a lot of the time. In these quiet moments come tender hugs and kisses and talk of God and prayer. If I did not stay home, these moments of reprieve would just not happen at the slow and easy pace they do now. To me, that would be very sad.

I feel extremely blessed to be a stay-at-home-mom, even if it can be a completely frustrating, totally draining, and thankless job. One day I will probably look back and forget all the daily drudgery and then wonder why I complained so much!

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