Cool Camping

We are back from our camping trip and had a great time. We camped with some friends and they were a little surprised that I picked a campsite without showers, flush toilets or running water. These things did not even cross my mind. I didn't realized what rookie campers our friends were!

Our camp was located along the Santiam River in the Cascades. We were surrounded by tall trees that kept most of the rain off our stuff when it began drizzling and then pouring as we woke up on Sunday morning. My husband likes to keep our tent free from mud and dirt. Sadly, the wet mess ended up stuck to most of our stuff anyway. Now we have to dry it out.

What is going on with our "summer" weather anyway? I was kind of looking forward to global warming (climate change....whatever). I thought it was going to make our weather just a little bit better since the Oregon coast can be on the cool side, especially in the summer. So far this summer has been colder, not warmer. Maybe we should all buy an SUV to speed up the process....just kidding!

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