A Gift Revealed

The following is an excerpt from the Letter to Families from Pope John Paul II:

"...'I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord' (Gen 4:1), says Eve, the first woman of history: a human being, first expected for nine months and then 'revealed' to parents, brothers and sisters. The process from conception and growth in the mother's womb to birth makes it possible to create a space within which the new creature can be revealed as a 'gift': indeed this is what it is from the very beginning. Could this frail and helpless being, totally dependent upon its parents and completely entrusted to them, be seen in any other way? The newborn child gives itself to its parents by the very fact of its coming into existence. Its existence is already gift, the first gift of the Creator to the creature."

I'm not sure that we always consider, before a baby is born, the gift that it is to us. In fact, we often talk about what a baby takes from us: our time, our sleep, our freedom, the money spent on diapers, etc. Even Mr. Obama talked about a baby as being a "punishment" to his daughter if she happened to get pregnant too soon. I'm not advocating teen pregnancy, or pregnancy outside of the best context of marriage, I'm just pondering our society's perception of new life.

That being said, I'd like to take this opportunity to give praise to the Lord, our Creator, because he has blessed us with gift number three. We are expecting a baby in March (yes, it's very early in the pregnancy, but I'm not one to keep secrets like this for too long).

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  1. HOORAY! What a nice way to introduce baby #3! I will pray very hard the baby stays right where it is and keeps growing strong! I'm so very, very happy for you guys!!
    We should have ultrasound news sometime this week.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!