Healthy Goal + Friends = Success (hopefully)

I've been really bad about exercising for the last few years, but part of my problem is that my weight never changes. In fact, it seems to only go up and I get very discouraged. So, pregnancy is a great time to get my exercise program going because scale watching is not the goal. The goal is to be in shape for labor in 8+ months.

Here is my latest plan that may just work (please, oh please): I am going to see if I can get a few of my friends, who live near me, to commit to walking with me at least once a week. If it works the way I envision it, I'll have a friend (or more) to walk with each day. In fact, even my husband has agreed to one day! My rationale is that if I combine a healthy activity with something I really enjoy (friendships), I might actually follow through.

I got this idea a while back. CLICK HERE to see my initial inspirtation from a blog post titled "Is Will Power Biased?"

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