Plodding Along

Today I felt kind of like a cow. My feet clomped all around the house while I completed one task and on to the next. It was a slow and plodding day. I did sit down a few times but kept telling myself to just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Now, at the end of it looking back, it was a fairly productive day. Good for me!

Calling myself a cow may sound negative, but it actually isn't. I've watched cows a lot in my life. They move along all through out the day, no matter the weather, and do what they are supposed to do: Eat and swat flies with their tails. It's a simple life, but it's the life they are meant to live. So, today when I felt like a cow, I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing...except I may have been moving just a bit too slowly. Tomorrow I should try for an animal with a bit more speed....maybe a deer.

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