Summer Company

This week my husband's cousin's wife and her two children have been staying with us. We have been having a nice, hectic time. Four children in the house, two of them two-year-olds, means lots of toys on the floor, lots of fights to break up, lots of food preparation, and lots of frantic runs to the potty. We went to the beach yesterday. Even though we live at the beach, I rarely go with the girls and yesterday I remembered why. We were all covered from head to toe with sand. The kids spent their time sliding down the small dunes, digging in the sand, and running from the waves. I'm always very nervous with little ones near the edge of the water and sure enough, our little two-year-old cousin was knocked over by an aggressive wave. Thankfully, my daughters are scared enough of the water to stay pretty far from it. We did have a lot of fun, but I may try to avoid going down there until we have company with us another time.

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