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I have been thinking about a couple things in the news that have been disturbing to me. The first is this story about the seven cloned dogs in South Korea. They are using these cloned dogs as sniffer dogs. The dog they were cloned from was good at this job and had a good doggy demeanor I guess. Enough to copy him seven times. I watched a video of these dogs running around chasing balls (like the picture above). Part of the beauty of life is how we are all unique. The idea of these dogs all having the same genes is bothersome to me. I just don't like the idea of humans playing God.

The story of Jon and Kate getting a divorce is also disturbing to me. It just seems so sad that these parents of eight have stopped trying. I don't like divorce. I'm not sure that many would claim to like divorce, but it so awful to see this "normal" couple, who were struggling to deal with the children and the life they had with them, give up. There are so many of us. So many families struggling to make it. When I watched this show, I saw in their family what so many families go through. Their circumstance was unique only in that they had eight children and the whole world could watch their life on TV. However, it was no different in the struggle to provide a good life for their children and to maintain a healthy, happy marriage. Yet, they gave up. It's sad.

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