How big is a mustard seed?

If God exists, no amount of disbelief will make him stop existing. If God does not exist, no amount of belief will make him exist.

I heard this the other day and have not stopped thinking about it. I have tested this statement on some of the people around me and one person asked, "what does that mean?" I think it means that the truth of the matter exists somewhere outside of what I, or anyone else, believes.
Once I heard a televangelist say, "if you believe it, you will see it." I wasn't too impressed with his statement because any relativist could have a hay day with it. If his statement is true then one can believe almost anything and then see it and be blinded to facts and truth. However, when you put his statement in the context of believing whether or not God exists, it makes a lot of sense.
I have found that a life lived believing that God exists is a life worth living. It is a life full of peace, hope and joy. God, as I have learned to know him, is a God of love, goodness, forgiveness, mercy and compassion. The more I believe this and other things about God, the more I see it and my life begins to reflect that belief. I become more loving, good, forgiving, merciful and compassionate. The best part of all is that this belief I have in God has never let me down.
Jesus once said, even if we have faith the size of a mustard seed (see image above), we can move mountains. Amen...so it is...I believe.

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