I have been diagnosed, not with a hypOthyroid, but a hypERthyroid. When I went in to the doctor, I had done my homework on hypothyroidism and knew all the signs and symptoms. When the doctor started asking me some other symptoms such as if I had ever had tremors in my hands or felt breathless, I thought he was so smart because that was not on the lists I had seen online and I definitely had those things. At that point he had not let on that he knew I was exhibiting signs of a more active thyroid than a less active one. The one symptom (and most noticeable) that I did not have was weight loss. Oh no. I have to be one of the rare ones to gain pounds instead of losing them(interestingly, my aunt had the same problem).

When Dr. H first told me that he thought I had a hyperthyroid instead of a hypothyroid, I felt very deflated. I was under the impression that people with an over active thyroid were very active and here I was always exhausted. I got in my van and before starting the drive home, I called my husband. I could barely speak between sobs. I could only ask, "so why am I always so tired?" As soon as I got home, I read up on the signs and symptoms, and even though nervous energy is one that I don't exhibit noticeably, tiredness and depression are definitely on the list.

Today was the day that I got the call back from the doctor after he had talked to me and read over the lab results. I was actually a little surprised because I had read that the thyroid can become more active during the first part of pregnancy. Dr. H told me that he did not think this was pregnancy related and that I need to start on some medication twice a day and get another blood test in four weeks. I have read that it can take about two weeks to notice a difference.

As I take a labored deep breath (yes, another sign of hyperthyroidism), I am feeling like there is a huge weight off my shoulders. Even though I am still tired, I'm not feeling guilty about it anymore. For instance, we went to the river the other day. It took me all morning to get ready, we played for half the day and I came home and sat down. I made a simple dinner and did not expect any more out of myself. It's such a relief to not be beating myself up over my "laziness." I have a few darn good reasons to be tired!

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