Marred by Manipulation

I hate to be manipulated. I really do. I cringe and run away if I sense it happening to me. I do not understand the desire for others to control me. There are times when I find myself trying to manipulate, because I too have a desire to control some of what happens around me, but as soon as I realize I'm doing it, I'm not happy with myself and I do my best to stop.

I've known for a long time that politicians are master manipulators. It's all for power, control and prestige. For a long time I've accepted it as a fact of life and went with the status quo. Lately, I'm starting to really be disgusted by it. Why have I accepted something that is so wrong?

I've also been keenly aware of the media's desire to manipulate me into accepting things I don't agree with or believe in. It's almost as if my conservative point of view is some kind of joke to them. That if I don't think our current president is the most intelligent, wonderful, thoughtful, pragmatic president in the history of the United States, well then there must be something wrong with me. That if I'm just not too keen on the idea of expanding an already out of control government into our health care, then I must not care for the uninsured.

Not true.

(I think we should exhaust every other option before handing over our health to the Federal government. The Feds already have enough on their plates, it doesn't seem like they need any more...)

What's really getting to me tonight is that it seems that something is wrong with a media that lauds a man, Ted Kennedy, with a very sordid personal life but politically liberal, and tears to shreds a woman, Sarah Palin, who has demonstrated strength of character but politically conservative. I don't get it. In fact, I take it personally.

I'm not stupid.
I'm just not liberal.

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