After the Thrill is Gone

Last week, I was so excited about cooking. I wrote the post titled Ta Da....Tilapia! Of all the recipes I made, the only success was the Tilapia. The rest were not very good and my children went for five nights refusing to eat. In general, the whole Real Simple weekly meal planning was a flop. Not only that, the portions were so small that I was hungry soon after eating.

Now I'm back to an empty fridge with no ideas about what to cook. Last night I grabbed a frozen lasagna (of course my daughter loved it) and tonight I'm drawing a huge blank. It's a typical day of stressing over dinner. How did I end up with this being my main job in life? I am so glad I did not grow up in a family where I spent my time meticulously preparing my hope chest for the day I was married. However, it would have been nice if I'd paid more attention to what my mom was doing in the kitchen. I have never had the desire to cook...ever...

My only hope is that one day my seven year old will take an interest and by the time she is a teenager, she'll take over the cooking duty and I'll take over the sitting-in-front-of-TV-during-cooking duty (I may even watch Scooby-Doo).


  1. I hear you. I have been trying to plan a month of meals for October with a master shopping list. That way I'll know what we are having in advanced and I can prepare the day before or during my free time in the afternoons. Hopefully this will cut down on eating out and more money $ leftover in my grocery budget at the end of the month. Heres wishing me luck. I really like Light & Tasty magazine. Off to soccer practice. Subway is what is for dinner tonight as tonight is open house at Olivia and Vivian's school.

  2. One I liked was "Saving Dinner", and "Fix It and Forget It" is helpful, too. We had a nacho plate here for dinner the other night. Quick easy and they eat it. If you need enough to make leftovers, then I'd check out some of the large family websites. Saving Dinner was a good start, but too many funky ingredients still. Having a three ring binder and page protectors in it, and then slipping the favorites in there, has really worked the best. And just having pre-cooked chicken and hamburger around to mix with rice or beans or noodles also can help. I don't know if that helps, I'm kinda rambly and need to go bed! :)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!