A Good Day

Yay! I made it through this day. Here's how it went:

8:30 drove to town (without children)
9:00 daily Mass (to pray for class I'm teaching later)
9:30 coffee at Starbucks while reading
10:00 set up class room for this evening
11:15 picked up Little Bear from play time at the child care center (day 4: it's going pretty well)
Home for a while...even did a couple loads of laundry (not folded yet)
2:50 picked up my 1st grader then spent time with friends
4:00 dinner prep
5:10 dinner (made the chicken not the bock choy...did not turn out as well as last night's dinner)
5:45 drove back to town for religious education
6:30 taught class (it went fairly well...a great group of kids)
8:20 drove back home
9:00 kids in bed (told them the Creation story with dramatic actions by me...they cracked up)

Now I'm blogging and relaxing. I'm tired, but not so exhausted that I could cry. This was the most action packed day I've had in a very long time. I'm happy I made it through. We'll see how tired I am tomorrow. I am going to bed with the kitchen a mess, laundry on the couch, and a pretty thoughtless blog on the record. But it was a good day!

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