A Little Political Give & Take

There has been bit of political discussion on Face Book recently. Yesterday, a bunch of people on my friends list posted this:

(Insert name here) thinks that no one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.

To which I responded in my status:

No one should die because some government official thinks my life is not worth the cost of living. I would like to decide, with my family and my doctor, if I can afford to stay alive. No one should go broke over health care, but that problem has not been addressed yet. It would be nice to go through some other options before we decide to hand over our health (and our lives) to the Federal Government.

I then added the following:

Please don't bite my finger off.
This is in reference to the recent finger biting incident at some health care protest. I guess a health care supporter bit the finger off a 65 year old man. CLICK HERE for full story.

A new friend of mine responded to my status by saying:

Hey, Holly - You'd still get to decide with your family and your same doctor you've always had if you want to "pull the plug" or under what circumstances you would. That whole "death panel" comment by Palin is a baseless myth. Also - as mentioned, you'd get to keep your same insurance and your same doctor that you have now. The new plan would just give more options (and hopefully a public option) for those who are now not covered or are under-covered. There is nothing to be afraid of, in my opinion. Nothing would change for you.

To which I said:

Thanks for your comment on my status. I know what the president, senate and house are saying....I just don't believe them. I was burned by trusting Bush. I'm just not ready to trust my government yet. Especially with something as big as health care. Oregon has it's own state health care plan for those who need it. Why do we have to trust the national government for something like this? It comes down to trust for me. Since when does the government manage our money well? What a mess we'll be in when we take over such a huge industry as health. Maybe this debate should have waited until our economy was back on track...I don't know. I just hope we can still be friends! :)

Her response (she's so sweet):

Wha??? Of COURSE we can still be friends! I already knew we were on opposite ends of the political spectrum. :) It's all good. I understand your trust issue, but I know too many people who have had to endure too much because they lack the funds to get even nominal decent health care. Something needs to be done, and now is the time, in my opinion. It's way overdue. Mistakes will be made. It's a huge undertaking, but well worth the risk b/c what we have now is shameful. Time to start taking care of our people - I'm just talking basics. I look at it as a basic necessity (fire dept., police, being able to go see the doc. when you are sick). It is huge, you are right there - so the risk that it turns into a mess is possible, of course, but for so many out there it is ALREADY a nightmare system. We have no choice but to TRY to fix it. We cannot count on private health insurance companies to do the right thing when it comes to covering people - they clearly aren't now.

Then me (I may have gotten a little excited to "debate" with someone):

I'm glad we're still friends. I don't usually let out that I am conservative too early in a friendship. Too many assumptions are made about my intelligence. :) I just wish we could go back to the patient paying the doctor for services rather than a third party. I think it would keep everyone more honest and then the care would be more about the people who need it and less about $$$. I'm also not completely against some sort of health care for desperate cases. I'm just not for expanding our government any more. It's an insatiable monster. Plus, what happens when we run out of money? Every other government program is broke right now. It just seems that if there is a lack of funds and times are hard, then the whole "death panel" (I don't like that term, but it's kind of true) would kick in in order to "save" money. Oh- and keeping my insurance? That's if we keep the same job. Otherwise, we must go on the government option and what kind of competition can an insurance company have when it can't cross state lines? Maybe if that problem were taken care of I might be a little less resistant (probably not though :).

Sorry, I have one more thing to say (I'm usually preaching to the choir so I find this kind of fun: I like a good honest debate with people who are willing to really discuss): I am for state's rights. If a state, such as ours, wants to have a really big government, that is fine with me (except states like this tend to be really in the hole, CA for example). I just want the freedom to move somewhere if I want to have more of my money and freedom. I know there are pockets of people and places that are in real need. I also know that our country is a generous country and people help when it's needed. I also think there are a lot of people who depend on the government (and expect it) for much of their needs. I think this is wrong (a hand up not a hand out). There is dignity in work. Dignity in being able to take care of one's family. When we structure our government in such a way as to "keep people down" it's not fair to the people being kept down. I have a new name for this: misguided compassion. We can be a compassionate people with out the help, or the heavy weight, of the Federal Government.

Wasn't that fun?

Tonight I updated my status one more time to read:

Holly likes a little political debate on face book. It's less confrontational and hopefully we can listen to each other a little at least. I usually keep my conservative views to myself for fear of the assumption that I am not a thinker. On the contrary, I think very hard about these things and the more I think about it, the more conservative I get. Don't be scared. I'm still nice.

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  1. Hey, I was just skimming some of your blog...and I thought you should know Glenn Beck did a special on his radio show...I think it was Glenn Beck...on how Palin's Claim wasn't baseless on the Death Panel. It seems an Oregon Woman on Oregon Health Care was rejected treatment due to the cost. I can't remember for certain but I think she had terminal cancer, and Oregon offered her an "Easy" way out, but they denied her treatment that would extend her life...so here in Oregon we already have Life and Death Judges...OUT!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!