My Shopping Dilema

I actually spent almost half the day away from my children today. I drove a couple hours to "the valley" for some new maternity clothes. I spent way too much money, but feel a little better about my wardrobe.
I really dislike shopping. I feel so overwhelmed in the stores. There is so much to chose from and I don't have a desire to go through piles and racks of clothes. Not only that, when I go into the dressing room to try things on, it's not exactly a pleasure to see myself without any clothes on and nothing ever looks as good on me as it does on the hanger.
My other problem is my country, frumpy look that doesn't bother me until I am around the sleek and put together urbanites. When I'm in their presence, the t-shirts and jeans that I wear almost every day feel outdated and shabby. My hair, which I take such pains to have cut and colored for way too much money, is flat and un-stylish. The make-up that I thought I had put on so carefully is barely visible and my lips are always dry. I can't compete with these stylish woman who must shop (and exercise) a lot more than I! Their lives seem so much more important than mine.
This little excursion to the land of shopping has made me realize (again) that I MUST get myself back in shape and back on track. However, right now I'm just glad to be back home in my baggy jammies.

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