Ta Da...Tilapia!

See the dish above? I made that! Yep. It's a first for me. Fish. The recipe was called Tilapia With Peppers and Olives (CLICK HERE for recipe). I was so proud of myself and it turned out tasty. My husband even had two helpings of the peppers and olives. Mmmmm. My children were not too impressed, but when are they?

I've been stuck on the same dishes almost every night; tacos, spaghetti and chicken burgers. A feeling of dread comes over me when I imagine making new meals because of the fight I get from my children. I'm over it. They'll just have to be a little hungry because I need to try new things so I can get excited like I am tonight.

I am following a week's worth of recipes from the Real Simple magazine. I followed the shopping list they provided for the week. I ended up buying many ingredients that I normally pass by (tilapia, bock choy, a real root of ginger, brussel spouts). Even the check out lady had to ask me what some of the things were and flip through her little code book. It made me smile because I felt like I was a gourmet cook. The people behind me, however, were not smiling.

The most amazing part of the whole shopping trip was that I did it under an hour with two starving little girls begging for my attention and junk food. We ended up with a few little extras that even surprised me when we got home. I kept saying "yes" just to keep from being distracted.

Tomorrow we will be eating Beef and Bock Choy Stir Fry. CLICK HERE for more of the recipes I will be trying under the header: Weekly Meal Planner.


  1. Heather MannSeptember 16, 2009

    Hi Holly - glad to see you were making fish... sad to see it was farmed fish (aquaculture) instead of locally caught wild fish from the Oregon coast! But I'm going to cut you some slack since this was a big deal for you to make... have I given you a Newport Fishermen's Wives cookbook? tons of great and easy recipes with locally caught seafood! I'm glad your meal turned out so great and that Adam liked it! have a great day-

  2. Oh isn't Real Simple the best ever? Love it!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!