Twitterpated 'bout Teaching

I did not sleep very well last night. There were two reasons for my unrest. The first had to do with politics (I'm back to being obsessed and should probably turn the news off). The second had to do with my teaching the 6th grade religious education class at our church this year. The second is much more hopeful, at least at this point.

As I was looking over the material I am to cover for the year, I was excited to discover that I get to teach about the basic history of the Bible and the covenant (promise) God made throughout history with his people. There are four units and the last unit is about Jesus and how he fulfills God's covenant. I won't be teaching that unit because that will be in the Spring and that's when my baby is due, however I get to teach almost up to that point.

It's been a while since I've been so excited about something that I couldn't sleep. I stayed up until almost midnight planning what I may do and imagining my classroom. I scribbled notes on whatever pieces of paper I could get my hands on without leaving my bed. Maybe, just maybe, teaching is a career I may enjoy some day.

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