Whatever it Takes

My oldest daughter (Grasshopper) has always been highly resistant to anything that has to do with faith and God. The older she gets, the picture of who she is has become more clear and, I have come to realize that she shies from anything that is too personal--anything that may require her to say or do something that she has not initiated. Faith can be very personal and I have always approached it in that way with her...this approach has rarely, if ever, worked. Unless she is asking the questions and in control of the direction of the conversation, a dialog or teaching will quickly turn into a power struggle.

When she was my only child, I felt so discouraged by, what seemed to me, her agnostic tendencies. I could not understand how a child of mine could not be interested in learning about God and all the wonderful stories and practices of our faith.

Today I have had a break through with Grasshopper. I have spent a lot of time praying about how to approach her about this important topic and so I believe this is an answer to that prayer. For some reason, I got out one of our little books of Bible stories and began to read to my girls dramatically. I used voices and even acted out what was happening in the story. Both my girls laughed and laughed. They loved it. Grasshopper especially loved it and kept urging me to read more. When all of the attention is on me she can just respond and react to me and my silliness without any pressure. She even asked me a few questions and we had some brief discussions about what we were reading. Best of all, I had fun as well. One of these days I'll have to rope my husband into the act.

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