Baby Steps

I've been following, yet another, weekly meal plan out of the book Saving Dinner. I'm not going to rate how good it is until the end of the week, however, I am going to rave about planning meals out a week ahead.

I went to the grocery store on Monday (I wish I had actually said I went marketing on Monday but I'm not quite to that point of homemaking heaven) with my list in hand to get me through an entire week of meals. Surprisingly, after following a menu plan, heavy on the vegies, the grand total was $30 less than my normally unplanned weekly shopping trips. It is such a relief to come home loaded with groceries that all have a purpose.

Today, day two of the menu plan, I spent more time than usual in the kitchen prepping dinner. In the past, this would have been a real bummer for me, but today I actually enjoyed it. I am finding satisfaction in preparing a healthy, tasty meal for my family and despite the protests from my girls, they are eating what I prepare. The key, I am finding, is having multiple options of vegies on the table. If they just can't stand the main dish, there is usually at least one vegie they are willing to fill up on (such as baked potatoes on day 1).

This weekly menu planning, along with my baby steps toward a clean house with the Fly Lady, have really given me a boost in my stay-at-home-mom image. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days I will rise with the sun and begin baking our bread for the week. I'll wear a red, checkered apron, light wonderfully scented candles and all my tireless work will be complete by the time my children rise for a breakfast. I'll walk to the table, where they will be quietly sitting with their hands folded, and dish out perfect portions of biscuits and gravy. Everything will be perfect, even the table will be set with tiny little glasses of orange juice and a small vase of flowers at each setting...but I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

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  1. Can't wait to hear how the meal plan goes this week. I too struggle with planning ahead for dinners. By the way, I think your last paragraph is an example of the kind of humor Sarah noticed when considering you for MOPS. Just low-key silliness that we can all identify with. Love it, Holly!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!