Catching Up

For those of you who may have been checking in to see if I have posted lately, I apologize profusely for the amount of times you may have had to look at the terrible picture of the woman trying to kiss her elbow. One time would have been plenty and not at all may have been better.

I was out of town and away from my computer this weekend. I wasn't sure how to let all those who read my blog know without sounding redundant because it seems I keep leaving. This time I was in Bend for a family reunion of sorts. This is the third year we have gone to Bend and met up with some of my husband's family in October. This year, all of his siblings and their families were there plus his parents. There were twenty-three of us in all. As in the previous years, we camped in yurts. This year was the coldest yet. Breakfast each day was delicious as food is when you eat it in the cold.

The very best part of the whole trip was the fact that I am feeling like a whole new person. I can only point to the hyperthyroid medication. It is unbelievable to me the difference I am experiencing. The best thing of all, I am tired from lack of sleep, but I was still able to help unload the van, do three loads of laundry, put away all the stuff, and even cook grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. It is a miracle to me (my husband will probably agree).

I am so thankful for my midwife for listening to my complaints and helping to find a solution. I'm often lifting up prayers of thanks to God as well. I actually feel like a normal (well almost) kind of mom and not a big loser always trying to catch up.

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