The Liturgical Year

Liturgical Calendar Poster (2010: The Year of Grace)
I have always loved the idea of the Liturgical Year (Liturgy means public worship). I think it's the teacher and the fantasy organizer in me. I have spent many hours day dreaming ways to integrate the Liturgical Year into the organization of my home. In the Church calendar, the year begins on the first week of Advent and Advent is the season that we are preparing for Christmas (as well as the coming of Jesus in our hearts and his second coming).
In each season there is a different focus on the life and mystery of Christ and it follows through our actual lives. All the readings at Mass, even the colors the priest wears, everything about our liturgy, follow the Liturgical Calendar. Not only that, but there are different readings that span over a three year period that all tie into the seasons and in the end, if you read along and pay attention, we get to experience and reflect on the life of Christ (along with the Old Testament figures) through the ENTIRE Bible. It really makes me excited to think about. Not only that, we get to remember and reflect on various Saints throughout the year.
AND we do this all together as Catholics. Our priest does not decide what to reflect on and then pass on only his favorite themes and verses to us, we ALL reflect on the readings and themes set up for hundreds of years (and they always have meaning in the present time). Isn't that fantastic?? My mind just starts to spin when I think about it. It's just incredible to me. Imagine the effect that has on families, communities, nations, the world!
I "googled" Catholic Church liturgical calendar and came up with a bunch of sites that have the calendar on there with links to ideas for celebrating each season etc. CLICK HERE for one of those if you're interested. Oh...and by the way, this is what I am teaching tonight in my 6th grade religious education class.

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