A Mostly Good Kind of Tired

I have been tired. This time it is a mostly good tired. I realized today (Sunday) that I have gotten out of bed every morning and gotten completely ready for the day and even out the door on four mornings. It has been quite a change from the days and days I spent just trying to get out of bed or off the couch. I'm happy to have energy enough to be tired from using it up.

Sadly, I'm also tired of fighting with my seven year old. I'm not sure if it's school, age, lack of sleep, or what but she has become such a challenge lately. It is exhausting to keep up a strong but loving front day after day. I'm sooooo tired of looking at her messy room and reminding her to clean it up. In fact, let me just list some of the other things I'm tired of in order to vent: reminding her to brush her teeth, fighting over dinner, hungry at bedtime, throwing fits on the floor, eating too much candy, tormenting her little sister, fixing her sweater that's always slumping off her shoulder, reminding her to say "good bye," "thank you" and all those nice things we do for one another, begging and pleading for toys, ice cream, candy, going to a friend's house, dragging feet at bedtime, multiple reasons to get out of bed...

Okay, that's enough. You get the point. Now I am through and off to bed. Tomorrow I hope to get up and face the day with another boost of a strong but loving demeanor. :)


  1. holly- you are not alone! I've had such a difficult time with both the kids lately... I don't know if it is the age, school, or something in the water... but it is a constant battle to get anything done (and I even mean things like picking out a dessert) and it is exhausting and frustrating. just keep swimming and tomorrow is always another day (now I need to tell myself that too!). I'll be back from Astoria tomorrow and hope to have coffee with you on Thursday or Friday-
    take care (and get some rest)

  2. I wonder if my first just skipped age 7, because we are right there with you, suffering through it. This is my hardest kid by far, too. Will it ever get easier?? I am sorry it's your oldest, that is harder. Keep that stiff upper lip going, hon. One thing I'm doing which is giving me at least a productive place to put that energy is that every time there is back talk or stomping or disobedience, a chore is added. The list gets longer. and longer. I also have to be prepared to really leave him home from something fun, or have him in his room while the rest of us have a movie. These are the things that seem to get his attn. He is cleaning my house really well, too. I love it. I wish he'd save some chores for the other kids, though. I don't know if it's working yet,but I do have a lot of "say thank you mom" and things like that going on. I don't know how much is helpful. Fly Lady and Saving Dinner are helpful, though, aren't they? :)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!