Attitude Adjustment

Last night my husband suggested to our girls that we should play Candy Land. Normally, my oldest (Grasshopper) would be overjoyed to be playing a board game. Instead, she started throwing quite a tantrum because, for some reason, she decided she did not want to play with us and she wanted to do puzzles instead. My two-year-old and I sat at the table waiting while my husband and Grasshopper had a power struggle around the dining room table. I actually found it quite comical, mostly because I was not the one fighting with her.

With Grasshopper, things as simple as a board game or a family trip to Dairy Queen, always become a big production. She is not one to passively accept life as it is, good or bad. I used to worry about it and lament that our family can't have peaceful, happy moments without all of her unnecessary drama. As time goes on, however, I have come to a point of acceptance. That is why I was able to sit patiently as her world seemed to be falling apart over Candy Land.

We do that as moms and as parents. We get used to whatever struggle we have with any child. When I figured out that my toddler had car sickness starting when she was an infant, at first it was very stressful. She would throw up almost any time we drove over 10 minutes (and only in the morning). However, I adapted. Now, I try not to take her places in the morning and if I have to, I feed her very little and take extra sets of clothes, throw up bags and lots of wipes. It's just a part of life and I have gotten used to it.

There will always be some kind of new stress to adjust to, but as I am coming to understand, that's just life with kids and life in general. More often than not, it takes some time to accept whatever I have to adjust to, but eventually I come around and life goes on.

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