Big Deal. It's Thanksgiving.

I hesitate to share this holiday fact of my life...I know that MOST moms are up to their necks in turkey stuffing, home preparation, and baking. However, I share knowing that it won't be like this forever. One year it will all be up to me. Until then...

Once again, I have managed to get out of almost all Thanksgiving preparations and cooking. I'm not exactly sure how this happens every year and holiday, but it does. Maybe it has something to do with me being the youngest in my family. I usually go in with the best intentions and end up with the easiest tasks. I am blessed to have my mom close by and she usually ends up hosting any holiday dinner or if we are traveling, then we are in my in-law's home. I try to help out with serving and clean-up, but I rarely have to cook anything.

This year my husband works on Thanksgiving (plus the two days before and three days after...and he works twelve hour night shifts). Our intention was to just lay low and let Thanksgiving pass by quietly. Then a friend that lives close by invited us to her house for the feast. We only have about two hours from the time my husband wakes up to the time he goes to work. We accepted the invitation with the understanding that our visit would be basically about eating only. My friend wanted to provide the meal (even though I offered to help, I promise). I am going to provide the pumpkin pie and cranberries. And, to make a long story short, we will have the meal at our house. So, I get to provide the ambiance, desserts and coffee. It should be nice, quick and easy.
Well, with that said, Happy Thanksgiving to all. I pray you are truly blessed this year and have a fantastic time with family and friends. I just wish I could celebrate with you, eat the food you have prepared and then help you clean up!

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