Exercising My Rights

Here I am. I used my right to free speech and let my voice be heard. This was this evening on the street corner with a very small handful of friends. Our protest was very spontaneous and we actually had fun! There were a few thumbs up, a few middle fingers and a lot of confused looks. It made me wonder if people are even aware about what is going on.
The only thing I wish I could have said to every person, especially those without health care, was that I am not against reforming our system. We have some major flaws that need to be dealt with. I'm just not for this bill, at this time. I'm saying my prayers tonight as our House of Representatives goes up for this vote tomorrow. If this is the will of the people, then so be it. I'm just not going to sit back and let it happen without putting my two cents in.
Freedom is too important to me.
The other side of my sign said "Abortion is not health care."

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  1. Great job Sister Holly! I appreciate your commitment to freedom.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!