I stayed up until 11:00 PM last night watching the American Music Awards. All through the show I found myself either plugging my ears or looking away as racket and "soft" porn flashed across my ears and eyes. Why did I stay up to the very end? I wanted to see Adam Lambert (the runner up on American Idol). The commercials told me I'd be talking about his breakout performance the next day and, by golly, I have been.

IT WAS THE MOST DISGUSTING PERFORMANCE OF THE EVENING! I refuse to even attempt to describe it.

Throughout the entire show, I felt as if I had wandered down the streets of the Red Light District in Amsterdam and had not been warned. I tried to focus on the good parts and avoid the bad, but all this smut was forced on me. Even my favorite American Idol, the once wholesome, small-town girl, Carrie Underwood, danced and gyrated around the stage surrounded by pornographic-like dancers. It made me feel so sad for her. She sold out to the lie of the music and entertainment industry.

The thing that intrigues me the most is that the artist who won most of the awards, including Artist of the Year, was Taylor Swift. She's a nice, true-to-her-young-self artist. I wonder if she will have the strength to stay that way? In fact, it seems that the most popular artists these days are not sitting in the gutters of the entrainment industry's idea of art. I found out today that Susan Boyle's record comes out today and the pre-sales have broken records. I don't think we'll ever see her gyrating across the stage and demeaning the holy act of sex. Also, Chris Allen, the winner of American Idol (and did not perform at the AMAs), is a nice, young, Christian man (and husband). He is another example of what kind of artist Americans actually vote for and want to see succeed.

It's a crazy, upside down world we live in. It makes me want to shut off the cable and invest in set of Anne of Green Gable books. Music videos were bad when I was a kid, but this, to me, went far beyond Paula Abdul and "Cold Hearted Snake." What kind of world are we handing our children? I feel so helpless to stop it. I know one thing, I won't be watching the AMAs for a while, I will never buy Adam Lambert's CD and I may hesitate before purchasing anything that has to do with Carrie Underwood.


  1. Oh dear, when I saw news this morning, I knew I should check your blog. I was not disappointed!

    We cancelled cable some time ago. The only thing we truly miss is Gonzaga basketball and other sports. Our time at the hospital for the baby on Friday/Saturday totally confirmed in both our minds that there was still nothing on tv that we couldn't find on hulu.com, netflix, or at the library. I do miss randomly flipping channels, but I don't miss anything like what you just saw! And it seems to get worse! Maybe when people stop buying the crapola, it will get better.
    Hugs! Thinking of you and hoping your pregnancy is going well!

  2. Holy Smokes - Glad I missed it - but from everything I've heard about the AMAs this year - my intent to always know who and what my kids will be listening to is stronger than ever. Thanks Holly!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!