A Rip Tide of Toys

3 large bins
full to the brim with toys
out in our garage
...beware of the rip tide!

I found out on Tuesday afternoon that my in-laws (father, mother, brother and his family) are coming for a visit. That gave me just over two days to prepare! It would not be any big deal if we weren't drowning in toys. Our third bedroom was filled with toys that have not been sorted, organized or taken care of in months. It's one of those things I've been putting off. So, on top of the regular preparations, I've been trying to get the toys sorted.

With such a short amount of time, I decided to do a quick sort. I found three large bins and put them out in the garage. For most of today I have been toting toys out to the bins. They are filled to the brim! I must do some more intense sorting, but for now I am happy to have them all out of the house.

Toy sorting and storage is such a major pain. Whenever I begin any kind of attempt to tackle the problem, it's like looking at the ocean and knowing there is the threat of a rip tide. Rip tides are scary and can come up unexpectedly. It's better to not even dip my toe in the water than risk being whisked off by the powerful current. I've spent many nights sleepless trying to figure out what to do. And yet, I rarely take the risk to actually do something about it until something, like an unexpected visit from the in-laws, comes along.

It feels good to have done a little and I'm proud of myself. My plan, for now at least, is to keep the three bins out in the garage. Whatever toys that do not get put away or have no place to belong will be tossed out in the garage (we've had some toys out there for a while so my girls already look there for what they need). This should work for a while at least. It will be even better when I am able to take the time to toss or give away what we no longer need or love.


  1. I feel your pain. I just went through all of our toys. I like to rotate our toys. Every few months I bring out new toys and put away old ones. The girls enjoy helping and enjoy passing toys on "with love" to our little friends. Good luck. How are you? Call me once you get your toys figured out and your in-laws return home. It has been awhile.

  2. I WISH I HAD A GARAGE! I have to deal with only a carport, which means nothing can stay there indefinitely. But we are so up for a destruction of the rip tide. Less is more in this case, and we have seriously got to get rid of stuff!

  3. Gee you would think your mom would have come over to give you a hand.


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