Shots and Candy...what a day

Yesterday was a long day. I spent four hours, that's right, four hours, in line for a the H1N1 shot. I had both my girls, plus my baby in my tummy. We had no seats and moved about two feet an hour. By the end of the day, my children were filthy from digging around in the dirt and rocks to keep themselves entertained and my hips and feet were killing me. Why was I standing in a line for a stupid vaccine I asked myself? I resented every minute of it and let my husband know I blame him and Obama for my misery (my husband is an RN and was anxious for me to have the shot because of me being pregnant...otherwise I don't think I would have done it).

While I spent those dragging hours in this line, I kept thinking that this is the future of health care taken over by the government. If the vaccines had been distributed more efficiently and at our doctor's offices, many of us would not have had to be standing in line clogging up the system for those who do not have health insurance. It made me feel sad. One of these days, I for-see all of us standing in line for basic care. To be honest, I felt quite demeaned and helpless. If our government takes over health care and many other parts of our economic system (as it seems to be) I vowed to myself in that line that I will work for the government class because it will be privileged. I had a taste of that yesterday as the workers, who granted were working very hard, smiled and seemingly tried to ignore the fact that we were miserable. And many of the people around me were sick with chronic illnesses. It was a sad, sad day.

After our four hours of hell (which ended with my toddler in tears from the painful shot), we rushed home and threw on our costumes. Our stomachs were aching with hunger as we entered the house of a friend and her Halloween party. I was prepared to not have fun, because I don't like Halloween. However, I am happy to say I had a blast! My girls were both cats and not princesses, which was minor miracle. They both disappeared into the crowded house. I'm not sure what they ended up eating, but there was plenty of food set out on kid sized tables. A group of just under twenty children went out trick-or-treating together. It was so fun to be in a group like that and my toddler was such a trooper. She stayed right in step with all the kids and did not even have me hold her once. I had to persuade her to let me hold her candy on the long stretch home.

This Halloween experience changed my feelings, slightly, about Halloween. Plus this post, by Michelle at A Catholic Housewife, titled Halloween, All Saints Day and All Soul's Day, summed up the history of this Holiday that gives it the meaning I like holidays to have! She also writes about how she and her family celebrate the Feast of All Saints Day which begins on All Hallow's Eve.


  1. I'm sorry you had to wait. I had the luck to get in last week, because they opened up early and no one expected it, and it was in my neighborhood with no line at all. I wouldn't have known if my friend didn't call and tell me. And unlike you, it is my husband who is not getting the shot. It WAS rather painful. But now I can go to public places and not think too hard about it. I'm glad. I don't normally get the flu anyway. In fact, I think I've had rotovirus several times, but never the actual flu.
    I'm SOOOO glad to hear your thyroid was the problem!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Yardley MommaNovember 01, 2009

    I am glad you got the vaccine, I know it was a wait and there are still ?'s but after our 2 year old got H1N1 and developed pneumonia fast without symptoms, it truly is good that you got it to protect the new baby. Our area still does not have the vaccine except for limited medical staff vaccinations.

    I am glad to hear you had a nice time at the party! We had a party here with family, mostly your side, and it was a blast. I have got to get pictures posted to shutterfly, your in-laws were hilarious! We had lots of goodies and just took time visiting each other Friday night, had a mummy wrapping contest and a pumpkin carving contest. "S" had two costumes to be, Minnie Mouse & Tinkerbell--guess what she was, A CAT! J had to drive to Wal Mart and get her a costume because she had the 2 year old temper and would not budge without being a "meow meow." It worked out and we had a lot of fun, and too much candy. I am glad to hear you had fun, some do get carried away with the gore but it really is about the fun side for our children, focusing on the positives like making great memories with loved ones. "C" was a handsome looking Indiana Jones, he loved it!


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