Savoring the Moment

We had quite a Christmas bash this year. One of my friends described her son as being in a "toy coma." I'd say the same about my girls. My husband is in a Wii coma (he says Santa brought it for the girls). I was happy with how everything went. It was slightly chaotic, but not too bad. Everyone seemed to be happy and I'm satisfied.

Interestingly, today the Church celebrates the feast of St. Stephen. He was the first guy killed for being a follower of Jesus. Stoned to death, in fact. What a jump from happy Christmas to the death of a Saint. My mom was telling me this morning that it may be a reminder for us, as Christians, not to stay gawking at the manger for too long.

Suffering and joy.
Death and resurrection.
They walk hand-in-hand.

How's that for dampering the Christmas spirit?

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