Shift Changes and Sea Legs

I have some news. It is not officially official yet, but it is in the works. My husband, who has worked the night shift for three years, is going to get a day shift in January (most likely). This is such a relief to me. If you have had any experience with night shifts, or shift work in general, you know exactly what I mean. It is like living on a boat that is in constant motion. At first, you fall over a lot, but as you figure out how to work with the waves, you can keep your balance. However, it is still not like being on solid ground and is exhausting.

As a night shift worker, my husband is home in the morning (which is nice because he gets the kids ready for school and takes them), then he goes to sleep and gets up right before dinner. He eats with us and dinner cannot be late or he is rushed. Right after dinner he is out the door and I'm left with crazy children, you know how they are right after dinner, and a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen. When his shift has ended and he has days off, he spends almost every morning in bed and every night trying to stay in bed. Inevitably, he is always tired and dark circles are omnipresent under his eyes. To be honest, he can look like Smeagol at times (those of you who know him have to agree...just look at those eyes).

Even though it will be great to have him awake when we are awake, I know the transition will be a little crazy. We will all have sea legs and trying to walk around on solid ground may look and feel a little funny at first. We will actually see him a lot less while he is working, but in exchange we get him alive, alert and awake when he is off. Goodbye to Smeagol...Hello, sailor.

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