Busting Through the Clutter

The Flylady
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Over the last couple days, my husband has been helping to convert our "playroom/office/library" into my oldest daughter's bedroom in preparation for our baby. We have a lot of books and not enough book cases and so I was a little nervous when I knew we had to move them into my bedroom. After my second baby, I made a firm decision that my bedroom would be an oasis from the chaos of the rest of the house if I had a third. I wasn't sure how this was all going to work. Well, it has turned out quite well. Our bedroom feels very calm and peaceful, even with all those books. Not only that, the catch-all-chaos-room is now a serene bedroom for a seven year old girl. I have even been able to get rid of a lot of stuff. All that's left is our third bedroom that will be for our toddler and the baby.
Although there is a lot of work to do in organizing the last room, I am feeling better than ever about the state of our house. I will rest a little easier tonight thanks to my husband's tenacity and physical strength.
My only question is: Where did all this stuff we have come from? It's incredible the amount of toys, books, papers, bedding and clothes we all have. I think my New Year's Resolution ought to be to continue reducing clutter. I better keep checking in with The Flylady!

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