In the Company of Coffee

I love coffee.
I love it so much that it is often what gets me up in the morning.

There are so many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee:

~At my kitchen table with a friend and good conversation about our children, our town and our friends or sitting at her kitchen island while she busily preps some delicious food such as goat cheese.
~At my sister-in-law's kitchen table in her white cups discussing poetry, motherhood, our faith and laughing together.
~At a coffee shop while eating fresh baked goods and talking with a friend about politics, our children's education, and ballet class.
~Sipping a hot, steamy cup while praying quietly (just before the TV or radio is turned on).
~At a coffee shop alone with a book while secretly listening in on conversations around me.
~On my couch with coffee made by my husband who has mastered the art of a perfect cup of coffee.
~Sitting on my mom's couch with a steaming cup made by her while we talk about books, family and God.
~From a drive-through coffee shack while on the way to anywhere.
~Taking sips of my husband's coffee from a gas station when driving all night to or from family visits.
~In front of my sister's TV while still in our jammies laughing until we cry.
~Sitting my my computer writing a blog post, checking email or reading the news.
~From the hands of a friend at her kitchen table while eating grapes and pretzels.
~At my mother-in-law's kitchen table in her Fiesta coffee cups, cows mooing for their morning hay, and her sleepy-eyed grandchildren drifting in and out of the room.

Mmmm...I think I'll make another cup.


  1. It is interesting that each example of how you enjoy your coffee centers around communicating with someone, either directly (conversation, prayer) or indirectly (watching, listening, even to nature). Does our coffee make the communication better, or does the communication make the coffee better? Hmm... I suspect it is the latter.

    That said, I must challenge, in a virtual way, your husband's perfect cup of coffee. Although your loyalty is admirable, I'm afraid it would face stiff competition from my coffee. If I do say so myself, I make a mean cup of Joe! :) Wait! In light of this post, it might be the communication that makes my coffee so good. I'm sipping a cup as I type. I might have to withdraw my challenge. Hmm...

  2. Hello my Anonymous friend,

    Ah ha...you may have missed the sly and subtle clue in this post's title. :)

  3. Company! Got it!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!