It Won't be Long...

January and February are tough months to get through. I've taken note of this through the years. It is still cold, dark and wintry. The holidays are over and Spring is still a little too distant to start anticipating. Today, in fact, as my friends and I were chatting while waiting for our girls' ballet class to finish, two of them were in tears. It's a normal time of year for that kind of thing. The every day things in life can start to seem unbearable when there is nothing to look forward to.

This is one of the first times I've gone through this time of year and it is not a total bummer. The reason: I am instead focused on the birth of our baby! I deliberately got pregnant when I did so that this is the point I'd be at at this time of year (actually a month earlier would have been a little better). It worked out well for me. I got through the holidays very pregnant and so in all the pictures it is obvious and cannot be mistaken for normal weight gain. And I was in the latter part of the second trimester so my body was not completely tuckered out carrying a heavy load.

Now that it is almost February, my time is almost here. While most around me are starting to feel the length of Winter, we are about to have a major shift in our life. Then, by the time the baby and I are ready to get out and about, Spring will be well established. I'll be out walking my baby in the Ergo and soaking in the rays. The dark days of Winter will drift by me with out much thought from me. My focus will be elsewhere.
As for future post-holiday and pre-Sping coping strategies: we plan to plan our family vacations to some place warm and sunny this time of year.
PS- I love the Ergo baby carrier. If I ever could sell anything, it would be that! They are great! Click Here to view their website.

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