My Babies

Although the anticipation of our new baby is filled with joy and expectation, my heart still feels a little loss. A loss of the time that can never be recovered with the children I already have. For this reason, my feelings are mixed about the impending change in our little family. When our baby comes along around March 4th, things are going to change. Not that the change will be bad, but things will not be as they were. Already, the shift has begun. Grasshopper, my seven year old, now has her own room. She does not want any toys in it and has even been keeping it clean. Little Bear, my 2.5 year old, now refers to herself as a toddler and can no longer even be coaxed into snuggling with me in my bed. These two girls, who used to be my babies, who used sit near me, with me and on me most of the time, are no longer so attached. They are no longer my babies but, even still, will never be replaced.

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