Ready or Not

Being the political junkie that I am, and have been since the early 90s, I have to comment on the Republican, Scott Brown, winning in Massachusetts yesterday (following, of course, the wins in Virginia & New Jersey). Whoa. I am shocked. It is possible that our president has in fact united our country after all. People seem to be forming unusual alliances against his policies!
When I was on the losing side of the election of 2008, I was so discouraged. I even cried. Like I said, I'm a political junkie--and a conservative one at that-- and I was well aware of what was probably on its way with super-left-leaning-Democrats in charge of Congress and the White House. I do remember having "hope" that our president would lead more from the center because, at that point, we did not know how he would govern. His record had yet to be written.
Time will tell if our government will begin moving toward the center or continue to drive us into some unfamiliar socialized nation. My hunch is that we'll see the Obama administration, Reid and Pelosi, step on the accelerator.
Is America ready for this? I think we are going to find out what kind of stuff Americans are really made of. In the mean time, much of my prayers are directed toward the future of our nation.

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