American Idol Update

If there was any question, I have not been watching American Idol this year. I may start at some point, but I am bummed that Paula is gone and bummed that it's Simon's last year and bummed that Ellen Degeneres is going to be a judge.

Maybe I'll check in one of these days and then probably get hooked, but for right now, I'm uninterested. Isn't that sad?


  1. I've never been a fan of American Idol but I think Ellen is going to make a great judge. She is SO FUNNY! I've been watching her show and have seen clips from AI. You might be surprised and actually like her.

  2. I actually like Ellen and this is the first season I've watched in a few years. So far, so good. I usually burn out halfway thru the season and then just come back for the last couple of weeks anyway. We'll see.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!