It's getting harder and harder for me to sit down to compose something for this blog. I am barely making it through the day with my big belly (and big everything else). Again, the oh-so-familiar words keep coming out of my mouth: "I'm tired." What's new, right?

There are some new things to write about including an out-of-this-world baby shower my dear friends just put on for me yesterday. I want to write all about the event, but first I want pictures....stay posted.

What I will say about the shower was how blessed I am to have such great friends. As I looked around the room at each of them, I was struck by the uniqueness of each of them. Each friend, in her own way, has had her influence on my life. I was in awe thinking of the influence each one of them has had, and will have, on the world. Plus, all of them have children! The influence continues.

I am humbled by these women in my life and so proud to call them friends.

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  1. heather mannFebruary 09, 2010

    Holly it was truly an honor to be a part of putting on this shower for you- you are so loved and do so much for so many.... it was a wonderful treat to pamper you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the photos as well...
    see you soon


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!