A Place to Rest My Eyes

My house has been pretty messy lately. I have been changing some things around getting ready for the baby. We finally broke down and bought some toy storage. I am so happy to have a proper place to store all the stuff we have. Almost all of it fits in the two units I bought.

In the morning I seem to have energy enough to dig into a project, but not enough to finish by the end of the day. Before I even sat down for my coffee this morning, I finished dusting and rearranging our shelves in the living room. Even though the rest of the room is still a disaster, at least my eyes can rest on this:

I was also sure to make my bed this morning. It's a new habit I'm having to to establish because of my husband's new day shift schedule. When my bed is made and the blinds are open, it is one other place in my little home to breath a sigh of relief that it's not a mess!

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