Thanks Again, and again, and again and .....

Sadly, I just had to throw away the beautiful white roses from my baby shower. Thankfully, one of my friends spent many hours making white roses out of coffee filters to decorate at the shower as well (apparently, so much time that her husband began to make some comments about things that were not getting done around the house). So far the paper roses are holding up just fine I am happy to hold on to as many memories as I can of that very special day.

It was not only the coffee filter roses that took so much time, and love, to make, I cannot forget the: wonderful food, table decorations, garland of baby clothes and bibs, mocha scrub, luxurious desserts and of course the cake made out of diapers. I have been beside myself trying to come up with a way to thank my dear friends for all they did. They told me they were just happy to have an excuse to have a party. We do need to have more parties!

I love my friends, I loved my shower and I am really ready to have this baby now. If this shower was any indication, he will be one special boy.

Special thanks to Heather, Laura and Joy for all the work, time and care they put into every detail of the day. I loved every bit of it. It was perfect.

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