A Baby Story

For those who like to read birth stories, here is mine.

Our baby boy was born on Tuesday the 9th at 7:42 PM. He was 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 1/4 inches long. The labor went well. I spent most of the day walking around with my husband out in the cold, cold wind (there was even a bit of snow that day--a very rare thing on the coast). We both kicked ourselves for not bringing a jacket. Then about 5PM things got intense (as they do) and I questioned my decision, again, to go through it without pain killers. When it came time to push it took only 8 minutes and then, our baby entered the world! He did have the cord wrapped around his neck twice, but the midwife noted how long it was and maybe that was the reason it didn't seem to cause a problem.
In each of my pregnancies I have hemorrhaged and this was no exception. Because we knew that I may hemorrhage again, I was given petosin to aide in contracting my uterus just before the baby was out. However, things did not go very smoothly and for the next hour I lost a lot of blood and every medication in the book was given to me to help the uterus to clamp back down to an appropriate size. They were just about to get the ball rolling to start a blood transfusion when the bleeding stopped. All through this time my vitals were fine (as my husband says) but it was still a little scary. I even found myself thinking two things: "this might be it for me" and "I've got to quit complaining so much about minor things".

Even though the nurses were flying around me, the doctor had to come in, the lab drew my blood, I was shaking like I was naked in a snowstorm, and things were being poked, prodded and massaged all over, I held my baby. I kissed him through chattering teeth and tried to determine who he looked like. We are still wondering :). He is, so far, a sweet boy.

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. He is beautiful, as are you new mama! I am so glad everything went well although that does sound a little scary. Hang in there with that new transition to three. It does get a little dicy and crazy but you can totally handle it! Just keep those prayers coming and He will help you. That's what gets me through my days. You will do great. Enjoy that little boy!!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!