This evening my friend from a few streets down stopped in to bring us dinner. I've been trying hard not to refuse offers of help from people. It can be hard to accept. For some reason I feel like I "ought" and "should" be able to do it on my own. However, the help, gifts and care given to me with this baby has been wonderful and I am so humbled by it.

Back to my friend and the dinner she brought. She entered the house with her arms full. A basket in one hand full of vegetables, a sweet potato curry dish, and various Thai style sauces. In the other hand was a cookie sheet that she placed in our oven to warm. On it were homemade spring rolls and baked tofu. This meal was nothing like what we prepare for ourselves normally except for the rice and the lime and cilantro garnish (we use these for our tacos). It was fantastic and such a treat.

I'm sending out a big thank you to my friend a few streets down.

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