Still Waiting

My husband is a good, hard-working man. Too much so at times. He has four times the energy that I have and, as I like to say, he runs circles around me. Because our baby is coming, he actually took his six days off that are written into his schedule without accepting overtime (a very unusual thing for him to do). I am tired. I am so pregnant. I just want this baby to come. So, while my husband kicked it into 5th gear, I sat. He cleaned the house, kept up on the laundry and grocery shopping, accomplished some major projects in the yard and even made dinner many of the nights. Meanwhile, I took naps, caught up on some reading, watched the news and felt guilty. It was a classic a case of my weakness and his strength cancelling each other out. As a consequence, I am still pregnant. I seriously think that if I had been up and around more this past week, I would have had this baby by now.

Today, his first day back at work, he called to tell me that he is very busy at work so I was supposed to sit on the couch and watch TV. Nope. I walked and walked. This baby better come tonight!

...still waiting...

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  1. Oh Holly, I hate that wait. Dominic was 12 days late. Seriously. It was awful and he was huge. He's just awesome now, and this last baby was a full TWO LBS smaller than he was!! Must be why she came out two days early and twice as fast! They are all so different. I can't wait for the blog and facebook updates to see that you had your baby!!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!