Trudging up Sand Dunes

Life has been crazy for us since the baby has arrived. A new baby is enough work but to add a seven-year-old and a two-year-old to the mix seems almost impossible (plus I and my two-year-old have a nasty cold). I have been depending so much on my husband and the last couple days he has gone back to work. Instead of taking it easy, I did some running around for those days and wore myself out. Yesterday all the craziness peaked and I broke down. I had had little to no sleep due to feedings and my cold (in my chest of course causing asthma issues). When I was crawling into bed, my eyes were burning with sleep deprivation.

I quickly fell asleep until about 1 AM rolled around. As my newborn slumbered peacefully, my two-year-old was awake and crying. For four hours she carried on waking up the entire house (except the baby). I think she was just having an emotional breakdown. She is feeling the pains of this transition and the poor little girl was just plain sad. I rocked her to sleep at one point, snuggled with her at another, and tucked her back in bed several times. My husband was out on the couch to give her room in our bed and he too was up and down with her. Of course, by the time she was asleep the baby woke up to nurse (0ut of desperation, I have finally figured out how to nurse lying down).

I know these days will soon pass. Time moves on and we will all get used to the added person and his needs. It's like our little family is climbing and especially steep sand dune. Soon, we will make it to the top and catch our breath. However, we must remain vigilant because at some point, we'll be climbing another sand dune as we continue our journey through this life.

Thankfully, I have people in my life who love and care for me and I am leaning pretty hard on them right now. There are some dunes that require extra support and this is one of them!

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