I watched Julie & Julia last night. I always love Meryl Streep. She is an amazing actress and this movie was no exception. You'd think that by watching a movie about cooking, I'd be inspired to cook. I was mildly interested in the cooking portions but I was much more interested in the relationships and personalities. However, the most compelling part to me was Julia's blog. Now that peaked my interest! She made a goal for herself to cook a meal out of Julia Child's cookbook and write about it daily. It got me motivated to actually sit down and write today.

I am writing as fast as I can. My proof reading has become secondary. Time is of the essence. Boy Blue (the nick name that is sticking at this point for our new baby) is napping fitfully. He has entered the upset tummy stage. He screams in pain at times and just wants to be held. I've been analyzing my own food consumption in hopes of alleviating some of his pain, but am pretty convinced this will just be life for the next few months. It seems like this ends around three months.

That's how it is with a new baby--for those of you who may be expecting and have forgotten as I have--life is measured by the weeks and months old the baby is. Days and nights are a seamless line of feedings, burping and diaper changes.

This moment I have taken to write has been short and now must end. It's time to get myself dressed and Little Bear needs lunch...that reminds me, I better eat as well.

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