A Birthday in the Midst of Whining and Crying

My birthday party circa 1985

My birthday this year was a pretty good one. It was a family day for sure. All five of us went out for a day in town. At almost every point in the day, one of us was crying or whining. It's hard to keep everyone happy when there are five of us! We ate lunch at my favorite restaurant and the food was not that great. Then went on a walk down at the beach and the tourists were out in full force with their kites and sunscreen. Next was a movie: Shreck 3 then to Mass. Last, we went out to dinner with some friends from out of town. By the end of the day we were all exhausted and fell into bed (but not without some more whining and crying). I told my husband we need to do this more often. It was so nice to be out of the house for an entire day. Plus, the more we get out the more the kids will learn to go with the flow or we'll get used to the constant whining and crying.

The day after my birthday was fun as well. My friends and I went on a bike ride and then we had an adult party with just a couple kids (not mine) running in and out of our conversation and revelry. We had a lot of laughs a lot of good food including a wonderful carrot cake (I ate two pieces...so much for "eat when you're hungry, stop when your full").

Today is day three of my birthday. My kids and I are going out to my parents' house for yet another small celebration at my mom's request. As you can see in the picture, she has always put on a pretty good party for me.

Thanks mom and everyone for a special birthday weekend.

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