Child of God

My three-year-old is crying herself to sleep tonight. She is so emotionally distraught that it is as if she could fall into an abyss. It all started because we were done reading stories and she did not want to stop. It is so sad. Yet, tomorrow she will wake up and be happy.
Three-year-olds are resilient. They live moment to moment. They move quickly from cries to hugs, from hating mommy to loving mommy. They are a picture of innocence. When I picture the word "child" in my mind, it is a child of three or four years.
I was having a very adult argument with my husband the other day and was feeling pretty distraught about the whole thing. I happened to have some time of quiet and peace, so I took our situation to prayer. My feelings toward my husband were not loving or forgiving when, prompted by the Holy Spirit I'm sure, I pictured him as a little boy about three or four. It softened my heart and helped me to realize what a precious child of God he is.
We are all children of God and he loves us and looks at us tenderly like we would a three year old child. Somewhere deep inside all of us is that innocent and resilient little soul. I've been thinking a lot about how differently I would treat almost everyone if I could picture them the way that God does. If I could picture them as that innocent child just looking to be loved.
My three-year-old has now gone to sleep. I was able to sneak in just before she nodded off to give her a kiss and pray for her. Her face and hair were wet with tears and her body still shaking, but she went to sleep in peace. One moment ended and another begun. God bless her sweet and innocent soul.

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