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A little about the day-to-day

The cabinets and counter tops are in! At this moment, my husband is putting in the new range and taking out the old. We still do not have a sink, but at least I can dry the clean dishes on our counter in the kitchen instead of in the garage. When the kitchen is complete I'll post pictures. It is turning out very nicely so far.

I have started walking again. It's nice to walk in the evenings after my husband gets home from work and the baby is in bed. Tonight I met with a couple friends and thus had the courage to go further and longer. I may even have developed a blister (that's a good thing).

Little Boy does not seem to have blue eyes any more. They are lighter than my other two children, but not blue. It kind of makes me sad. Now I'll have to come up with another blog name for him. He is very bald and one of my friends calls him Honu (Hawiian for turtle)...I'll think about it...
I've been considering bringing back "Family Tools of Love." If you have a thought on whether or not I should do this let me know. I really like the idea of incorporating these spiritual tools into our family life and reflecting on the scripture verses may do us all some good. I had actually forgotten that I was doing the Family Tools of Love reflections until I read today's post from Conversion Diary that reminded me. I even left a comment on Jennifer's blog about it.
We no longer have TV. I cancelled it until football season starts up again. It makes our evenings much quieter and I'm much less stressed about the garbage going in to my children's brains. I think my husband is less stressed about the political garbage going in to my brain as well.

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