I'm a Mom. What's Your Excuse?

I have been making a lot of mistakes lately. Things that I would normally remember such as birthdays, doctor appointments, what day of the week it is, keep slipping my mind. Things happen like what did today. I thought I had scheduled something on Sunday when it was actually Saturday and didn't realize it until Sunday. It's frustrating and as soon as I realize my mistake I immediately call myself names like "idiot" or "stupid."

As I paced the house this morning berating myself for messing up (again), I prayed for help. I did not want to spend the rest of the day mad at myself and regretting what I had done. Two things came to my mind not too long after my prayer (an answer? yes!) : 1. There are multiple solutions to a problem (and my husband's solution is not the only one--he's a stickler for keeping appointments) 2. I have "baby brain."

I've heard other moms say they have "baby brain" before and I've decided to claim it today! My baby is only 3 1/2 months old so it is a very good excuse. Whew. I feel much better about myself now. I think I can probably use this excuse until my babies are out of the house and by that time I can claim "empty nest."

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