Lonely (at times) but Never Alone

Every day I drink my coffee out of a bright orange mug with the words, friends are God's way of taking care of us, on the side. In my last post, I said that I got up from my fall and brushed myself off. Although I did ultimately have to make the decision to get up, my mom was right there and she actually dusted me off. Then, both my parents scurried into the house when I requested ibuprofen. They were there to help me get up.

Not only that, a close friend of mine listened to me cry and complain about my horrible day and then helped me to know that I'm not crazy. She assured me that I really do have a lot on my plate right now. Even in the midst of her own busy life, she took the time to care about me and dust me off emotionally.

Even though I alone can make the decision to get up and keep going, my friends (parents and husband included) are there for me. Through their hands, words, and care, God is taking care of me. The friend of my soul has never abandoned me.

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Special thanks to Mary for my favorite coffee mug ever !

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